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Energy Training Resources, LLC is an oil and gas training company that conducts oil and gas industry overview courses suitable for any level of expertise, from beginners to veterans. Our oil and gas training programs include seminars open for public enrollment as well as private in-house courses that can be custom tailored to any specific needs. Our standard oil and gas overview courses include a one-day short introduction course that covers the “upstream” topics of geology and exploration, drilling, development and production operations, mineral rights and leasing, and joint operations. Our two day course goes further into the “midstream” topics of gas processing, LNG and oil and gas measurement and transportation. Our three day course continues into the “downstream” topics of oil and gas marketing, oil and gas refining, and unconventional oil and gas such as shale gas and shale oil. We also sell an oil and gas drilling video that covers the complete drilling of a horizontal shale gas well. This drilling video is used by more than 350 companies.  Our oil and gas training courses are taught by our Managing Director, Paul Parsons and are beneficial for anyone working in or with the oil and gas industry including engineers, geologists, accountants, lawyers, procurement specialists, investors, landmen, field supervisors, investors, royalty owners, etc.