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Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production-


This 2-hour video on DVD is the most comprehensive oil and gas drilling and completion video available. It follows the full drilling and completion of a horizontal shale well and provides a direct, close-up view of surface activities combined with animations of the corresponding downhole impact. There is nowhere else that you can learn more about drilling in 2 hours! It is a must-see for anyone working in or with the oil and gas industry. (see the trailer and video segments below)


The video begins with a brief discussion of wellsite selection and planning, followed by site preparation and rig mobilization. It then provides a guided, rig-floor view of the drilling of a horizontal well including the surface hole, long vertical section, curve section and lateral section. The video includes side tutorials to explain the rig structure, rig functions, rig crew, rig safety, casing and cementing, drilling fluid (mud), BOP and well control, drill bits, drilling tools, drill pipe, fishing, directional drilling, well evaluation techniques and more. The rig used in the video is one of the most advanced land rigs in the industry with top drive, Iron Roughneck® and automated catwalk.


The drilling portion of the video is followed by well completion. The video shows both the surface and animated-downhole process for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. This is followed by installation of the tubing and the control values (Christmas tree). The video ends with a quick overview of gathering line hook-up and the surface facilities required to process, store and measure production.


The video is being used by more than 500 different oil and gas companies, industry contractors and suppliers, professional service firms, educational institutions, industry organizations, investors, regulators, etc. The feedback has been great. Join this knowledgeable group by ordering your copy today! 


It’s available in English, Spanish and Arabic. Intranet licenses are also available.


A sample of our horizontal well oil and gas drilling video on DVD

Price: $499.00

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Length: 2 Hours   -   Publication year: 2009

Our video is being used by more than 500 companies!

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This is the most complete oil and gas drilling video I have ever seen. It covers the entire cycle from well site selection to drilling, to getting hydrocarbons out of the earth and into the pipeline. It highlights many of the new technologies that have advanced our industry in the global marketplace. A video of this type has been long overdue.”

John Lindsay, President, Helmerich & Payne drilling company


Take a look at some clips from our oil and gas drilling video

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Drill bits clip from our oil and gas drilling video DVD

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 Rig hoisting systems - clip from our oil and gas drilling video DVD

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 The rig crew  - clip from our oil and gas video DVD

"Drill Bits"


"Rig Hoisting Systems"


"Rig Crew and Company Man"


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