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Job Function Videos


Following are videos that you can view for free that explain key oil and gas job functions including geoscientists, engineers, land positions, procurement and accounting. We think you will find these videos useful in understanding both job roles and oil and gas industry operations.


Anyone that works in the industry can benefit from one of our short courses. Even our 1-day course covers a lot of information including the structure of the industry and all of the major functions including geology/exploration, mineral rights acquisition, drilling and completion, and production operations. We conduct this course regularly for oil and gas companies at many locations and also have courses open for public enrollment.


The best time to learn is NOW, so enroll today! If you are interested in conducting an in-house program for a group, we would be happy to give you a free demonstration.  


The following video explains the exploration roles of geoscientists – such as geologists and geophysicists – and how they conduct their operations.

The following video explains the roles of the various engineers involved in oil and gas operations, including reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, completion engineers, facilities engineers and production/operations engineers.



The following video explains the unique roles involved in the land function (oil and gas mineral rights acquisition/leasing) including landmen, lease/title analysts and division order analysts.


The following video explains the procurement function including controls and procedures. This video is long but is highly useful for anyone working for an oil and gas company, or a supplier/contractor, or anyone involved in auditing. The video explains how purchasing is coordinated and describes the roles of category managers, strategic sourcers, contracts administrators, buyers, and employees working in materials management.

The following video explains the roles involved in oil and gas accounting. Even if you’re not interested in accounting, it will provide a glimpse into business operations. The roles explained include joint interest accounting, revenue accounting, accounts payable, fixed asset accounting, tax accounting, general accounting, financial accounting and internal auditing.




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