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US Mineral Rights and Leasing

eLearning Course

This course has highly-useful information for anyone involved with the oil and gas industry. You don’t need to know anything in advance, but when you finish, you will have comprehensive knowledge of US minerals ownership as well as the leasing process that oil and gas companies use to acquire minerals rights. You will also be informed on up-to- date topics such as evolving horizontal well regulations, forced pooling, post-production costs, surface use agreements, and the contentious relationship between the industry and the federal government.

interactionThe course takes you through the interesting historical process that created a mosaic of private and governmental mineral estate ownership in the US – as well as the rights of a mineral estate with respect to oil and gas and how those rights are regulated. It describes how a mineral estate can be carved up into various types of interests, how those interests can be jointly owned and how properties can be pooled together into larger work areas. It discusses all of the major leasing provisions, why they are used, and how they affect the parties to a lease. Conveyances and title issues are also discussed as well as the roles of land professionals. The course also includes sections on federal onshore and offshore leasing that should be of interest to every American.

timeThe course is narrated throughout and is rich with photos, graphics, and animations. Learners can optionally drill down on some topics to learn more and can test their knowledge at the end of each section with our interactive quizzes. The course is broken down into convenient-sized modules and the entire course is approximately 10 hours long, depending on your pace.


Limit one license per order. For multiple licenses contact us. The course can be accessed for one year from the purchase date.
Included Modules

Module 1: Basic Ownership Rules

Module 2: Mineral Estate Charateristics
Module 3: Minerals Ownership of US Lands
Module 4: Joint Ownership
Module 5: Other Ownership Issues
Module 6: Mineral Interest Types and Uses
Module 7: Lease Granting and Habendum Clauses
Module 8: Lease Royalty Clause
Module 9: Lease Delay Rentals and Pooling   
Module 10: Horizontal Well Pooling Issues
Module 11: Other Common Leasing Provisions
Module 12: Federal Onshore Leasing
Module 13: Federal Offshore Leasing
Module 14: Conveyances and Assignments
Module 15: Title Opinions and Title Issues
Module 16: Land-Related Roles and Organizations

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Limit one license per order. For multiple licenses contact us. The course can be accessed for one year from the purchase date.
Petroleum geology is at the forefront of the oil and gas industry and either directly or indirectly affects every role. The topic has become even more important with the emergence of “unconventional” development because most people don’t fully understand the unique characteristics and challenges of unconventional development.

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